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  • CS/OM from Quantum Software. A client server version of every List command in OMAR.
  • Enhancement Collection for OMAR from Summit Systems. A set of 13 screens and utilities designed to improve customer service efficiency. Summit pricing. This package includes:
  • Ship to Customer Memo Pad. Includes a date tickler feature.
  • Automated Event Notes. Allow you to define one or more events that are automatically written to the customer’s memo pad. Events include new sales order, cancellation, shipments, invoicing, credit or debit memos.
  • Enhanced Shipment History Inquiry List.
  • Enhanced Sales Order Status and Availability List. Shows availability, on hand balance, allocations, open work orders and purchase orders, ability to ship complete and on-time.



Sales Quotes

See also: Product Configuration

The WINMAN and AdvanceMan sales order entry products include sales quotes

  • BQM3000 (Bidding & Quote Management) from Advacate. Maintains quotes and prospect information. Tracks win/loss ratio, market share, and competition. Call back logs. Flexible lookups. Maintains an archive database.

Sales Order Entry  

Some solutions completely replace the need for OMAR's TR,100 (TR,100 Replacements) while others work with it.   This area also covers the e-sales part of e-commerce.

  • Streamlined Sales Order Entry from Summit Systems.    Designed to simplify sales order maintenance.  Once a sales order is entered allows you to add, change, delete copy, or split line items, change product numbers, ship-to customer and more.   Supports mass change features for line item renumbering, dates, commissions, and discounts.  Maintains a complete audit trail of changes. 
  • Batch Sales Order Add Utility from JAS. Think of it as the MANMAN portion of an incoming EDI sales order transaction.

Replaces OMAR’s TR,100 - Process a Sales Order

It is difficult to create sales order entry software that truly satisfies all users because of the great variety of requirements among manufacturers in this area. In other words a really good order entry system is often a customized system. I recommend making source code a system a requirement on your purchase order.
The vendors Advocate and Quantum both have years of MANMAN experience and have been working on client-server solutions for several years.

  • WINMAN from Advacate. Makes an impressive demo. Lots of search functions.
    Advocate claims that no other application is as sophisticated as WINMAN. Written (in part) in C using MiddleMan for middleware. Source code is not currently available which means you must contract with Advocate for customization. Requires Windows 95 or NT.
  • AdvanceMan - CS/100 from Quantum - distributed by The Support Group and StarVision. The brief demo I saw ran fast but seemed to lack some of the search features of Advocate’s WINMAN. Quantum says that the search features are now available. The client side "front end" is written in Visual Basic. Customers have their choice of middleware: Middleman or StarVision (Lee Tech). Runs on any Windows platform 3.1, 95, or NT. AdvanceMan currently trades off the superior look and feel of the Win95/NT interface for Windows 3.1 compatibility. When the market is ready Quantum plans to drop Windows 3.1 support in favor of the superior Win95/NT environment.
    Visual Basic, even the latest compiled version, may never have quite the ‘snap’ of a GUI written in C. On the other hand a ‘thin-client’ VB front end makes for a highly customer customizable solution. Future plans include providing source code and confirmation faxes. Very reasonable price in the $10 - $20K range.
  • Order Management System from Data Delaware. Designed by a conglomerate for it's MANMAN companies.
  • Speedware Web Interface from Speedware. A design template for a web based MANMAN order entry screen written using Speedware's Autobann web development language. Allows customer to enter their own sales orders. These orders may be reviewed before final approval.
  • CS100 from DISC. A fast system written for a demanding MANMAN client with a large database. Requires OMNIDEX for fast and flexible partial key lookups. Probably requires some customization for your site. While the OMIDEX requirement makes this the most expensive option it also gives it the most powerful search capabilities.
  • QuickMan Order Entry (ORD300) from Advacate. HP 3000 based sales order entry for MANMAN. Can even completely replacement OMAR and integrate directly with Manufacturing.

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Sales Tax

There are at least two sales and use tax systems with interfaces to MANMAN. In version 11 the MK Group adds a API or standard interface for sales tax systems. The databases for these systems also gives you zip code data.

  • Quantum from Vertex. The GeoCoder module uses a zip code to determine local tax jurisdictions, rates, and calculation requirements. The Tax Decision Maker tm supports multi-state sales and use tax compliance. Quantum Returns reads tax data and creates state and local tax filings in the proper form.
    A MK Group strategic partner.
  • ?

Sales & Marketing

  • Marketrieve from Marketrieve. Available in Cognos Powerhouse and client/server versions. Has been in use in MANMAN sites for many years.

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  • APSS from APSS. Parcel shipping system.

Credit & Collections

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