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Vendor Contact Information

If you find errors or need help contacting a vendor please let me know.    (650) 966-8555

ABC, Tustin, CA

Specialize in MANMAN and MK training.
(714) 731-2182

Ask On Consulting, Newbury, MA

The one-man consultancy of the knowledgeable Christopher Jones, CPIM.  Specializes in training and business process.
(508) 462-0043

Advacate, (former name) Inc, Indianapolis, IN  - Now The Navigate Group


Agile Software Corporation, San Jose, CA

(408) 975-3900

American Software, Atlanta, Georgia

(404) 264-5296

West Coast Office: 714-708-0700

Answers, Los Angeles, CA.

Seems to be out of business now that the principle works for the MK Group.

(310) 376-777

Baillies, England

MANMAN consulting, training, bar scan, EDI

50 Main Street,
Lowdham Nottingham NG14 7BE England
Tel:+44 (0)115 966 3929

Bradmark Technologies Inc, Houston, Texas

Bradmark's StarMan connects several client server products to MANMAN.

Brio Technology

A solid end user reporting and analysis utility.

Calico Technology

(408) 975-7400

ConsenSys Software Corporation, San Jose, CA


Core Technology Group, Los Gatos (San Jose), CA

(408) 395-9160

Cortlandt Software, Mt. View, CA

Host of this web site.
(650) 966-8555

Data Net Corporation, Miramar, Florida

Manufacturer of data collection system that integrate to MANMAN.
(954) 437-3535

Demand Management, Inc., Missouri

(314) 727-4448

SF Bay Area Office: (415) 344-9894

Dynamic Information Systems (DISC), Boulder, CO

Makers of OMNIDEX, a third party indexing system that works safely with your IMAGE database manager.
(303) 444-4000

Enterprise Planning Systems, Canada

Advanced Planning & Scheduling products for mid-sized manufacturers
(613) 592-5780
San Francisco Office: (415) 579-6655

Genesee Software Inc., Colorado

(303) 850-9128

i2 Technologies, Irving, Texas

Infresco Corporation, Sarasota, Florida

Makers of Opal.

Interactive Software Systems, Denver, CO

UDMS and Safari report writers; ODBC

interBiz (formerly ASK, formerly MK Group)

A division of Computer Associates

HICOMP America, Inc. Texas

Specializes in multi-platform backup solutions.


JAS, San Jose, CA

(408) 441-9430

Manco Systems, Inc, San Jose, CA
Specialize in integrating bar-coding and data terminal equipment.

(408) 243-4877

Marketrieve Company, NH

Marketrieve Plus, Sales and Marketing Automation Software , since 1985

Phone: 800-234-6587

M. B. Foster Associates, Limited, Canada

800-ANSWERS (1-800-267-9377)

MiniSoft, Inc. Washington

Terminal emulators; JAVA web based terminal emulator; ODBC

(800) 682-0200 

MK Group, (former name)  Now interBiz, Computer Associates International, MA

The Navigate Group (formerly Advacate),   Indianapolis, IN

Parker Management Consultants, Ltd, Laurel, MD

(301) 617-9777

Quantum Software, Texas

Client Server products for the HP 3000 & MANMAN; products marketed by The Support Group

Quintessential School Systems, Redwood City, CA


Peripheral Software Concepts, Bohemia, NY

(506) 563-7000

Protégé Software Services, MA

(617) 942-1116 x 31

PSG (formerly Performance Software Group)

Facade editor.

(888) PSG.4GUI

Red Pepper Software Company, San Mateo CA

Smith, Birchbaur & Associates, New Berlin, WI

MANMAN support, training, implementation, management consulting.
(920) 733-4884


High level development languages. AutoBann is a client/server and web development system. AutoBann runs on several platforms including the HP 3000. Offices in 35 countries

Spectrum Associates, MA


St. Paul Software, Inc, MN

(612) 603-4400

Summit Systems, Inc.;  MO
Offers a number of MANMAN commands at very reasonable prices.
Products and Pricing.

619 Tuxedo Blvd., St Louis, MO 63116
(314) 963-9021

The Support Group, Inc;  Austin, Texas

(800) 798-9862

MANMAN products, support, consulting, HP 3000 system software and hardware.
Plans to support MANMAN well into the 21 century.

Taurus Software Inc.

1032 Elwell Court
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 961-1323

TBG Software, Texas

The principle is also one of the founders of The Support Group.

(512) 345-3963

Trilogy Development Group, Austin, Texas

(512) 794-5900

Thru-Put Technologies, San Jose, CA

(408) 290-9711

Toolbox, Helle Steppat-Flemming, Germany.

Fax: 49 / 40 / 552 69 63

Vertex, Berwnyn, PA

Specializes in corporate tax compliance.
(800) 355-3500 (216) 640-4200

Wilson Solutions, Houston, Texas

I could no longer find any mention of MANMAN on the web site
(713) 896-0090

3k Associates, Virginia

Internet products and consulting. One of the best HP 3000 information web sites on the ‘net.

(703) 569-9189

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