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Engineer, BOM, & Product Configuration


BOM, ECO, and Product Configuration Management

Product Data Management (PDM) - Replacements for Engineer

These products replace the MANMAN Engineer module. These PDM systems maintain parts, BOMs, and ECO data along with all electronic copies of drawings and related documents under strict version control. Uses work flow technology to assist the ECO approval process. Web enabled. MANMAN interfaces are available for both products. Highly recommended


Bill of Material Reports

  • Bill of Material Comparison report from Summit Systems. Multilevel BOM comparison utility that performs a detailed comparison of two different assemblies/BOMs or the same assembly with different revisions or effectivity dates. Costed bills comparison option. Compares one or more work orders to Mfg BOM (‘as built’ vs. ‘as designed’) and bills on different databases. Works with data from MANMAN Manufacturing or Engineer. Priced around $2,000 - discounts for purchase of other Summit products.
  • Bill of Material Audit Trail utility from Summit Systems. Utility takes periodic ‘snapshots’ of your BOMs and stores them in a condensed format. Reports show differences by assemblies or specific components for the last change or for all changes over time. Priced around $2,000 - discounts for purchase of other Summit products.

Engineering Data Movement

  • Copybill from Advacate. Copies data from IM, ASSEMB, PSF, RTFIL, and WCFIL that relate to a part between databases. Moves assemblies for a specified number of levels. Can be used for moving BOMs into production and setting up test databases. $1,500.


  • Copycost from Advacate. Adds two additional sets of cost fields for each part and performs cost rolls in any direction. Designed to support trial cost roll-ups. $950.


Product Configuration
These products work at quoting and sales order entry time. Product configuration systems are designed to ensure that customers and sales representatives make valid product selections and deliver accurate solutions and quotes at the point-of-sale. Eliminate errors in the sales order. Vendors have had to develop their own artificial intelligence engines because the standard AI methods required far too much time to set up the rules for a product.

  • Calico from Calico Technology. Rule based product configuration that runs on a laptop. A highly desirable capability for selling complex products. Marty Brown demonstrated this product at NWAUG in 1996.

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