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The information on this page may be out of date.   I do not have information on interBiz's strategy for strategic partnerships.   The following was written in 1998.

MK Group Strategic Partnerships

A strategic partnership means that the MK Group acts as the primary integrator in the relationship between MANMAN and the other vendor's product. This relationship should eliminate the possibility of "finger pointing" between vendors if something goes wrong.

Specifically the strategic partnership means:

  • The MK Group is the first point of contact for support.
  • The MK Group owns any interface software.
  • The MK Group sells the package.

Three items of interest about strategic partnerships. In many cases the partner sells their product into the large manufacturer market and prices their products for that market. In some cases the MK Group works with the partner to establish prices more in line with the price points and expectations of MANMAN's mid-size manufacturing market. Second the MK Group is looking to develop new strategic partnerships. This could mean turning recommended products into strategic partnerships and/or finding new products and vendors. Third, the MK Group seems to prefer products that work across all of their supported platforms: HP 3000, DEC VAX, and even Unix. Opal, for instance, was adopted as the GUI "reprovisioning" tool of choice after Infresco agreed make Opal recognize HP 3000 terminal protocols. ISSI's Safari works with MANMAN/HP and MANMAN/DEC.

As of February 1998 MK Group's strategic partners are:

Preferred / Recommended solution providers are:

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