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Data Warehousing

Even with a turn key solution users may often find that their data is not clean or consistent enough for meaningful reports. Most clients need to solve this problem by "cleaning" and massaging (or is it molesting?) their data during the transfer process.

  • Cross Target - distributed by Protégé Software Services.   Protégé provides data models for manufacturing systems that are used with the Cross Target multidimensional analysis tool. Interfaces exist for VAX MANMAN.
  • CS/Analysis from Quantum Software. A bundled data analysis product that includes: A code generator that writes the data extract and conversion programs for you in FORTRAN (see also ITS/3000); A tool that replicates a copy of MANMAN on your PC server; Cognos Impromptu and PowerPlay to ‘drill down’ analysis of your data; standard templates for your MANMAN data warehouse.
  • CS/Archive from Quantum Software. Archives your MANMAN data on a Microsoft NT SQL Server.
  • BridgeWare from Taurus Software.  Bridgeware supports real time or incremental updates of data warehouses from IMAGE databases.  Bridgeware is a full featured solution that extracts data from IMAGE databases, transports the data, transforms the data using it's own language, and uploads the data to IMAGE or relational databases.    SalesMAN is a predefined Sales and Billings DataMart for MANMAN that uses BridgeWare and the Brio reporting utility.  Taurus is a MK Group Complementary Partner.
  • White paper on HP 3000 data warehousing.  Covers the various technologies available.  


  • ARK/3000 from TBG. HP 3000 based intelligent archiving designed specifically for MANMAN.
  • ? from JAS.

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