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These enhancements work with all Manman modules.

See also the Table of Contents for: EDI, Data Warehousing, Reporting, Archiving, Data Collection, and Y2k.

Manman may not be the latest in ERP systems but at least it should be fast and efficient. In this regard I recommend taking a look at the latest product from Summit Systems. The "Native Mode Library and ImageXpress" product bundles several technologies that can make Manman, Quiz, and UDMS reports and utilities run faster. No recompiling is required.

The techniques used are all ideas that have been widely used for years on HP 3000 systems. There is no "rocket science" here. This product simply bundles several known improvements into one package with full installation instructions.

  • The Native Mode Library replaces some heavily used sub-routines with more efficient ones.
  • ImageXpress uses what is call NOBUF reads which makes serial reads of Image datasets much faster. ImageXpress works with Manman programs, Quiz, and UDMS. NOBUF reads is the technology behind a number of HP 3000 products Suprtool being the best known example.
  • SortXpress is said to be more efficient than the sort routine that comes with MPE/iX.

- my review published on MANMAN-L

Powerhouse QUIZ

  • QDD and PDL schemas from Summit Systems. Versions available for all releases since MK dropped support of QUIZ. Only $500.

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