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Y2k: MANMAN Date Fixes

The Year 2000 is a solved problem for HP MANMAN!
Date logic fixes for MANMAN are offered by: Core Technology Group, JAS, The Support Group, and The MK Group amoung others (see Vendors page). Fixes for all versions of MANMAN are available from The Support Group.
Several of the groups have Year 2000 White Papers.

HP 3000 Year 2000 Links

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Bar-coding / Data Collection

see also: SHOP FLOOR

  • Barscan from MK Group. Several consultants tell me they can create a package customized for your situation for about the same price.
  • Manco Systems. Specializes in inventory control and barscan technology for MANMAN.
  • Striped Lightning from Peripheral Software Concepts. Off the shelf integration with MANMAN. 65 MANMAN (DEC & HP) reference sites.
    Thirteen client server modules include:
    • Time and Attendance
    • Labor Reporting
    • RF Inventory modules include:
      • Cycle Counting
      • Inventory transfers and issues, stores and WIP
      • Work order kitting, shortage relief, move to stock
      • PO receipts, returns, receiving and inspection
      • Repetitive pull list, (reverse) backflush, (reverse) scrap
      • Shipping
    • Serial Tracking
    • Secured Area Access
    • Pre-Payroll Processing
    • Projects
    • Finite Capacity Scheduling
    • Factory Time Synchronization
    • Host Downtime
  • Data Net manufactures automated data collection equipment. A integrated shop floor system interfaces to MANMAN.
  • ManBar from Manco Systems. Manco is a systems integrator of turn-key data collection systems. ManBar interfaces data collection hardware to MANMAN. Applications include shipping, receiving, labor tracking, time and attendance.
  • Most of the consulting groups have various "off the self" solutions for bar-coding/scanning.

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