HP 3000 Information & Web Sites

HP 3000 Customer Connection. One stop information number for HP 3000 customer events and tele-conferences, video or audio tapes of past events, user group meetings, and HP software and hardware promotions.
I recommend getting a audio tape of the HP 3000 product directions teleconference held earlier this year in which HP announced their 5 year plans for the HP 3000. 1-800-224-HP3K

HP Advisor. HP’s direct to the customer newsletter about the HP 3000. To subscribe call the HP 3000 Customer Connection number 1-800-224-HP3K. Current and past issues are archived on the HP 3000 Business Server Web site www.hp.com/csy.

HP’s HP 3000 Business Server Web site www.hp.com/csy
Access to all HP hosted freeware, copies of past issues of the HP Advisor, HP and 3rd party software directories, promotions, HP 3000 success stories, white papers and more.

JAZZ Server http://jazz.external.hp.com

Shareware & downloadable demos, other content similar to above.

HP Electronic Support Center http://us-support.external.hp.com
Downloadable patches, technical knowledge database. Requires your HP system support handle.

HP Computer Users Group

INTEREX - International Association of HP Computer Users www.interex.org  
Covers HP 3000, HP 9000, and NT computer systems.  On line access to vendors list, consultants, HP news, special interest group membership and list servers. The weekly summary of the HP3000L is especially valuable.

HP 3000 List Server

HP300L. A list server/newsgroup for HP 3000 users. The regulars are usually helpful to questioners at all levels. The INTEREX web site will show you how to subscribe. There is a searchable archive going back about two years (see the INTEREX web site for access).

HP 3000 Consultants & Trainers

See: MANMAN & HP 3000 Consultants

HP 3000 Link Sites

3k Associates. The best 3rd party HP 3000 web site on the web. www.3k.com
The vendor and service provider directory does not charge an advertising fee as does INTEREX.

Other good sites to look at include:

Robelle Consulting

HP 3000 Magazines

HP 3000 Newswire (512) 331.0075 www.3k.com/newswire
A good independent source of HP 3000 news, articles, and reviews. Edited by the former editor of the HP Chronicle.

See also INTEREX.

ERP / MRP Manufacturing Systems that Run on the HP 3000

‘Current Generation’ Systems

MM II from HP. (MPE/V & MPE/iX)

GrowthPower from Spectrum Associates (MPE/V & MPE/iX)

Ares Manufacturing Products from ARES (France) (MPE/V & MPE/iX)

MANMAN from CA/MK Group (MPE/V & MPE/iX)


‘Next Generation’ Systems

Point.Man from Spectrum Associates (HP 3000 MPE/iX & HP 9000 UX) client/server

Said to be tailorable to your business processes. Appears to be Spectrum Associates ‘next generation’ system after GrowthPower.

Oracle Manufacturing from Oracle (HP 3000 MPE/iX & HP 9000 UX) client/server

Renaissance CS from Ross Systems (HP 3000 MPE/iX & HP 9000 UX) client/server

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