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AP - Accounts Payable



  • Accounts Payable Enhancement Collection from Summit Systems. A set of needed enhancements to AP. Priced around $2,000 - discounts for purchase of other Summit products.
  • List Uninvoiced PO Line Items. Lists open or received PO line items by vendor, PO, or part. Shows header & line item information, uninvoiced receipts, PO notes.
  • List Vouchers and Payments. Lists vouchers or payments by vendor, remit-to vendor, PO, invoice, voucher, receiver, or part. Shows activity in date sequence and ‘drills down’ to the PO line item and receipts level. Allows you to see what has been paid on an order or to a supplier.
  • Purchase Order Change Audit Trail. Maintains and reports on the audit trail created by this utility to show all changes made to a PO over time.
  • List Receivers. Lists uninvoiced receipts and/or invoiced receipts detail by PO, receiver, part, or vendor.
  • Cleared Uninvoiced Receipts Audit Trail Report. Reports receipts written off using UT,400.
  • Enhanced Vendor Lookup Capability. Retrieves vendor information by the first few characters of vendor name or by number.

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