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  • Lucas Control.   Lucas replaced "7 manufacturing locations ...  using 5 platforms, 6 MRP solutions, 6 general ledger solutions and 6 order processing systems" with MANMAN/HP.
  • MANMAN/Insight Demo.   Demo of a sales order processing via a web browser using MANMAN/Insight.    Insight uses the powerful technology of Opal by Infresco.  Over my modem connection the screen was very blurry.   A high speed internet connection is recommended.

Parker Hannifin/Digiplan.

"In the industry as a whole, there is a clear move towards desktop-based applications, which are increasingly in demand by users. By using a client/server approach to integrate the HP 3000 with PC-based applications, we will be able to satisfy these demands while at the same time continuing to benefit from an exceptionally stable and robust computing platform"
- Mark Munden, Information Services Manager, Digiplan

Digiplan developed it's own client/server make to order solution for MANMAN.  "We decided that we needed a system that would allow us to accept a request for a quote in the morning, calculate the price, process the sales order, manufacture the product and send it out to the customer the same evening. For this approach to succeed, we would need to derive everything - from prices through bills of materials to the instructions for cutting the metal - from a single set of information, without any duplication. Furthermore, we would need to automate communications as much as possible."

The solution used Linkway ODBC from CSL and Visual Basic.


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